When you come to visit Ireland, Cork is the place you should never miss as you haven’t visited Ireland until you’ve visited Cork.

Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland after Dublin. When you come to visit Cork, you will be impressed by the voice of people in the Cork, which has a lot of rising and fall, just like a song. Therefore, it no wonder that this is a city which has boasted a lot of national comedians, thus Corkonians are considered as the most talkative of all Irish.

The voice of local people may result from the hilly roads of Cork. You will go through a lot of ups and downs when driving here. As a matter of fact, this is a city built on the river Lee, which is divided into two channels, thus, you will also have a bridge to cross here. Due to its geographical position, Cork is a prominent seaport in Ireland as well, with a bunch of quays and docks along the banks of the Lee.
The climate here in Cork bears no difference with the rest of Ireland. It is mild without extreme temperatures and changeable. Besides, Cork also has seen a lot of rainfall around the year as there are 150 rainy days here, of which 75 days with torrential rains.

We can’t forget Cork’s art scene with a lot of artists, especially tattoo artists that are getting more and more recognized in the tattoo community, around the Europe, and world as well.

The Rebels
Cork has a nickname of ‘the Rebel Country’ due to its history to rebel the invasions. It could date back to the seventh century when Corkonians began to fight with the Viking sea-pirates. Later, it was the Anglo-Norman invasion in 1172 which ended up with Cork’s stubborn resistance and the pursuit of independence. This nickname is just an accolade for the spirit of Corkonians.

Some of Cork’s Attractions

It is one of the earliest markets of its kind which act as a market since 1788. It is a market that goes through Famine, revolutions, wars, fire and even economy declines with people in Cork together. And after all of these, the English Market still survives and flourishes.

Want to explore the mysterious universe? Come to visit Blackrock Castle. At first, the castle was built to prevent the pirates and raiders. Therefore, Cork city is also known as ‘a safe harbor for ships.’

This is a place for you to search for things that are unique for ‘Cork’, varying from pottery and ceramics, lace-making and knitwear , tapestry and weaving, wood turning, glass blowing, basketry, jewelry, handmade garments and wooden furniture. Make sure you bring home a souvenir.

Cork Airport is the second busiest airport with handling 2.8 million passengers in the Republic of Ireland after Dublin and one of the three primary airplanes terminals in Ireland with Dublin and Sahnon. It’s situated off the Kinsale Road, 6.5 km south of Cork city in Farmers Cross.

The great city of Cork itself is doubtlessly world acclaimed. The exotic blue flag beaches of Ballybunnion are nearby. Killarney and Blarney Castle are just a few minutes ride. And there are interestingly distinct golf courses, mountains and lakes.

Irish gastronomy

Irish gastronomy is somewhat different from what people usually think it will be. The nature of uncooked ingredients is great, despite the fact that there is not a huge assortment of food. For quite a long time Irish individuals have been cooking utilizing a major iron pot put over the chimney.

Among the conventional dishes are the acclaimed “Irish Stew”, a divine mutton stew presented with vegetables; the “Boxty bread”, a sort of crepes prepared with potatoes, imagined to go with a spread; the prestigious “Pop bread”, a nature of bread prepared with oats and milk, ascended with pop; lastly “Bacon and cabbage”, a sweet stew prepared with beacon plus cabbage.

Soups are another incredible articulation of Irish cooking, arranged in a few ways and usually go with a rich bit of sharp cream. The most well-known soups are: “Calcannon”, with cabbage & potatoes; “Chowder”, a fish soup, “Cockle Soup”, an enhanced stew prepared with celery and mussels, and “Bacon stock”, a vegetable stew with grain and smoked beacon.

Regarding cakes, the most traditional ones are the porter cake, made with dark rich porter beer; the Apple tart, a run of the mill crusty fruit-filled treat arranged for Halloween, and the “Irish cream Brownies”, delicious chocolate cakes.

As bovines mutton are sometimes backed all over Ireland, cheddar is likewise an intermittent item in Irish food. There are numerous qualities, running from the fiery “Cashel Blue” to the creamy “Cooleney”, from the celebrated “Cheddar” to the divine “St. Killian”, “Poulcoin” or the run of the mill smoked “Durrus”.


Irish food

Food in Ireland comes in two general structures – customary and present day. The conventional Irish food is the thing that we frequently consider, and it is the stuff you are prone to discover on bar menus and less complex eateries. Somewhat spruced up forms of straightforward dishes are additionally effortlessly found in touristy restaurants. Customary Irish dishes include:

  • Irish Stew – normally made with sheep or mutton and vegetables
  • Colcannon – a blend of mashed potatoes, cabbage, and seasonings
  • Champ – a blend of mashed potatoes and spring onions
  • Irish Breakfast – substantial breakfast for the most part comprising of singed eggs, bacon, frankfurter, tomato and dark pudding (blood wiener) and white pudding (pork and cereal hotdog)
  • Pop Bread – a brisk bread utilizing preparing pop rather than yeast
  • Seafood is likewise normal in Irish cooking – Ireland is an island, all things considered. Salmon and cod are utilized every now and again, and some shellfish are likewise getting to be prominent. Prawns are famous in Dublin, and Galway has a shellfish celebration every year.

Irish gastronomy is becoming well known all the more as of late, as youthful Irish chefs are taking old Irish ingredients and showing them in new ways. Indeed, even bad-to-the-bone foodies will discover an eatery or two worth raving about (particularly in Dublin). The main issue is that the prices on these more present day eateries are much higher than their conventional partners – actually, prices have a tendency to be higher than the prices in comparative eateries in other European capitals. So in the event that you are resolved to having no less than one decent dinner in a cutting edge Irish eatery, make sure to spare somewhat additional to pay for it.


Irish Drinks

Irish gastronomy is by all account not the only thing on the menu in Irish eateries, and numerous individuals would contend it is the stuff in the glass that is more imperative. We are talking, obviously, about Ireland’s popular beverages.

Guinness is known the world over for its impervious obscurity, and this Dublin-fermented beverage is positively something worth attempting when you are in Ireland – however it is by all account not the only strong in the nation. Different brands you will see are Murphy’s and Beamish, both of which are blended in Cork. Strong is so prevalent in Ireland that there are likewise little-miniaturized scale bottling works which turn out little amounts of the stuff.

Notwithstanding heavy, you will likewise discover lagers and juices on tap at most Irish bars, including Smithwick’s Ale and Bulmer’s Cider. On the off chance that you are new to Irish beers, make sure to ask your barkeep what is suggested.

Irish whiskey is additionally mainstreamed all through Ireland, and comes in numerous structures – including single malt, single grain and mixed whiskey. Genuine whiskey specialists can make whiskey the center of an outing to Ireland, going by distillery after distillery and making their own whiskey trail.

Close to the alcohol is otherwise called the place where there is whiskey. The celebrated whiskey is the “Jameson”. Other great whiskeys are the “Bushmills” and the delicate “Tullamore”, and world famous Midleton. Different drinks produced using whiskey are the celebrated “Irish Coffee”, an American espresso bound with whiskey and finished with cream.

One more important thing to mention is that although being capital and the largest city in Ireland, Dublin is not the #1 city you have to visit in Ireland to enjoy the best Irish food. That would be their number 2 largest city, but overall number 1 in gastronomy – Cork.

Art scene in Ireland

The art scene in Ireland has evolved from underground art activities to modern street arts where artists from all over the country can come together and express their artistic skills without being penalized. Certain organizations have also come to support and promote upcoming artists by setting up projects and events to enable them break boundaries, enjoy new adventures, and challenge the night. However, street art is the most popular art scene in Ireland as most works depict iconic Irish landmarks such as Ha’penny Bridge, Guinness Storehouse, and Spire while some murals are used to remind Irish people of their past.

For most people these murals express their desire to live a peaceful life and let go of the violent past. This is more evident in the Northern Ireland where people experienced years of conflict, especially in the city of Belfast. Troubles, which are the names referred to these years of conflict left thousands dead many displaced and divided community. Irish people therefore have been coming up with creative, artistic skills such as graffiti, mural painting, and tattoo in quest for peace and bringing people from both sides closer. As some artists take street art as a hobby, Ireland is using it to produce new artwork, develop and nurture young talents, and preach peace.

Street art in Ireland has been used to transform the gray areas in major cities such as Prague, Galway, Belfast, Berlin, Dublin, and much more. Projects such as Waterford have been used to attract locals and tourists alike as the artists who are chosen for the project produce spectacular paintings. These talented artists have unique designs, use very vibrant colors, and make appealing scenes using a mixture of beautiful and different styles. With their beautiful and unique creations, Ireland street arts have been rejuvenating formally forlorn streets and unused spaces in major cities. The Tivoli Theatre, which is located in Dublin’s inner city, is also known for organizing annual event where artists from all over the world attended such event.

In addition, Ireland is also known as a pool of homegrown and talented tattoo artists who have won prestigious awards for their unmatched work. John Larkin pioneered the new age of Ireland tattooing scene and he was widely known as John Eagle. He opened his studio in Dublin and since then major cities in Ireland have tattoo studios are widely spread and are owned by talented artists who can do some spectacular work in gray and black pieces, intricate detail, and fantastic bright colours. Different artists have their own unique style, as they are known for using single or combination of Cartoon, new school, full colour, old school, black and gray, photorealism, traditional, and tribal way of painting. Most of well known tattoo studios in Ireland include the following:

– Malan Tattoo, 18 Lower George’s Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin Ireland (probably the best tattoo artist in Dublin);
– Wildcat Stephen’s Green located in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre in Dublin;
– Blood Brothers Tattoo found along Quinsborough road, Bray, Co. Wicklow;
– AWOL Tattoo & Piercing, 2 Newtownsmith, Galway City

Therefore, as art reflects society, Irish people use street art to reflect on a more prosperous, attractive and peaceful Ireland. In addition, many murals have been preserved and act as an important element of the country’s history.

Welcome to Ireland

In this day and age, there is completely new market where you can scam customer only once. When you have Internet on almost any device, it’s not wise to give crappy service, because there are oh so many websites where people leave reviews, and then there are people like myself that write blogs. I’m not planning to do anything professional with this, but rather to help some people that will visit Ireland, to tell them from my experience what to do, and in some rare cases, what not to do. So let’s start with fun things :)

There are certain activities or fun things people can enjoy in Ireland for free, without spending a dime. Being an island country, it has a lot to offer to local residents living there temporarily, and those visiting as tourists. There are certain places considered popular tourist spots, while some are only known by the locals and can give you the real authentic taste of this beautiful island. For those people who are willing to sacrifice their time and look beyond the obvious, then Ireland is the place to be. Fun things to enjoy in Ireland range from epic coastal drives, staying in castles literary pub tour, star gazing, historic link courses, searching the Northern light to night kayaking.

The allure of Northern Ireland and Ireland in general has grown tremendously, as people are soaked in this country’s mythical Celtic nature. As we all know that the best things in life are always free, the island of Ireland has a lot to offer to families seeking vacation homes, tourists visiting attraction sites, and students looking for camping sites. The following are fun things one can enjoy in Ireland and will not cost you much money or you can enjoy free.

Watching surfer ride on big waves

Watching expert surfers ride on monstrous waves is quite a sight that will go down the memory lane. The country has too many great spots, where you can watch surfers or surf if it is one of your hobbies. Such spots include Mullaghmore in Donegal County and is a spot for pros, Strandhill in Sligo County, Crab Island in Clare County just to mention a few.

Night kayaking

West Cork also offers a unique activity that people can enjoy while visiting Ireland. Going night kayaking on Lough Hyne can be worth your drive to West Cork and will give you an unforgettable experience. The fun thing to enjoy on this water is the light that comes from bio-luminescent planktons that are on the water. For those who are lucky are able to see this light when they move their paddle, as the light comes from water below their paddle.

Star gazing

This is a unique attraction and it takes place at Blackrock Observatory. Whether living in Ireland or visiting for the first time, this is one fun activity you do not want to miss. Blackrock Observatory is located in a castle built in the 16th century, just outside Cork. You can star gaze with the help of experts and engage in an interactive storytelling experience, which takes place in the castle grounds.

Take a ride on cable cars

Cable car can carry at most 6 people per trip and while riding in this car you view dolphins, as they jump through the water that is below. The cable car can be found on Dursey Island and transport people across the Dursey sound. The unique thing about this cable car is that in the whole Europe it is only in Ireland, where they transport people across the open sea water.

Visit Guinness Storehouse

If you are of legal age and enjoy Guinness, this is one place to add to your bucket list. The storehouse is famous for brewing one of the most popular and successful beer brands in the world. The first person to brew this brand of beer was Arthur Guinness and it is famous due to its dark black color. The store was first opened in the year 2000 and has attracted over 4 million foreigners.

And here is the fun and educational video to learn how to pronounce traditional Irish names :) Enjoy